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Welcome to France

Are you moving to France or planning to invest in real estate in France? REAL ESTATE

Do you intend to get married? MARRIAGE

Do you plan on forming a civil partnership? LIVING TOGETHER WITHOUT BEING MARRIED

Are you getting divorced? DIVORCE

Do you need help with the estate of a relative deceased in France? TRANSFERRING ASSETS

Are you looking forward to making a donation in France? TRANSFERRING ASSETS

Do you have any other notarial matter? NOTARIAL NEEDS ABROAD + EMIGRATING SAFELY

Are you seeking French legal advice that can be explained to you in English?

Your legal concerns can be dealt with by an English-speaking member of our law firm who is fully aware of the major differences between civil law and common law. We will make sure that you understand each step of your case and we ensure full legal certainty.

Our law firm

Our law firm was created in 1621, and is now one of the oldest and largest notary firms of the French department of Les Hauts-de-Seine.

Very easily accessible, our office is located at the gates of Paris, in Boulogne-Billancourt, in a private mansion, right at the metro station “Boulogne Jean Jaurès”.

“JL Morin et Associés, Notaires” is managed by 4 partner notaries with the support of approximately 40 employees, including 4 salaried notaries and 6 notary graduates or equivalent.

As public officers, we act on behalf of the State and guarantee the legality and authenticity of all the deeds we establish.

Our team covers several legal fields:

– residential real estate law : the purchase and sale of condominiums, houses or pieces of land, mortgages…

– business real estate law : the purchase and sale of office buildings, business and retail premises, co-ownership matters…

– construction law, urban management, urban planning law, territorial communities, institutional investors…

– patrimonial family law : prenuptial agreements, civil partnership contracts (PACS), donations, estate planning, inheritance law, divorce…

Our law firm has been certified ISO 9001 for all of its activities since 2006. Maintaining this continuous improvement approach helps providing better service to our clients. We remain attentive to their opinion which they can express notably through the satisfaction questionnaires that we send them.